Chicago Riot Rugby vs Northwest Woodsmen


Northwest Woodsmen:

A closer match than the score would indicate. The Riot held all of the statistical advantages for the first half except for the score. Territory, possession, and penalties all favored the home club as they camped out inside the Woodsmen 22 for most of the first half. A lack of discipline from the visitors combined with some hard running from the hosts, was overcome by a stingy defense with backs against it. When turnover ball came, the Woodsmen capitalized with a solid attack finding a few slipped tackles and offloads to bursting support.

After the visitors built a 19 point lead, the Riot fought back putting a brace of scores around halftime. It was back and forth until the 4th quarter when the Woodsmen broke down the levy and finished the match with 17 unanswered points.


Date Time League Season
October 13, 2018 1:00 pm Men's Division III Fall 2018


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