Chicago Riot Rugby vs Impalas


The D4 squad was filled with a team that does not normally work together. With minimum subs and a few new players, fitness and lack of awareness got the best of us. Our shape for the most part looked solid, and we were able to maintain possession for stretches however when we lost possession our tackling proved to be a place for improvement. There were some bright spots however, in spite of being overmatched athletically, the Riot never gave up, they kept fighting and had some stellar play. Man of the match John Shoe led the way by laying out some devastating hits and crushing runs. His play inspired some others to really step up and make some big plays. Although the fell to the Impalas 14-52 they never quit and are eager to get to work and win their next test.


Date Time League Season
September 8, 2018 1:00 pm Men's Division IV Fall 2018


Indianapolis Impalas52Win
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