Chicago Blaze vs Chicago Lions D2


Chicago Lions:
Closely fought contest against good opposition

Chicago Blaze:
In our closest played match of the season, we battled back and forth with the Lions for the entire match with neither team ever gaining full control of the momentum. We ended up playing down a man for 20 minutes of the match due to a couple of cynical fouls that left our 8-man and 15 (captain) in the sin bin, one per half. The Blaze managed to score a try on last play thanks to some creative open play and support lines, but could not center it well enough for an easy conversion. As the conversion came up a couple of feet short, so did our aspirations of pulling out a tie.


Date Time League Season
September 29, 2018 1:00 pm Men's Division II Fall 2018


Chicago Blaze34Loss
Chicago Lions D236Win
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